Aug 10

Here is one map I found of the Ark. Perhabs we could make it a page on the site, and add on Tribal Lands, so we can see where people are (and we we can expect people to defend their lands)

The Ark

Jun 30

The admins just got themselves two brand new, top of the line, Alienware laptops. Can’t play Ark on anything less right, RIGHT!?

Alienware 15" 2015

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Jun 29

Inspired by the classic animal posters seen in old classrooms, I coulnd’t help but create one for the Ark fauna!

Check it out:

dinosaur poster ark survival

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Jun 20

Name: [DK/EN] Valhalla RP/PVP
Direct link: steam://connect/
Type: ARK Survival Server – RP / PVP
Slots: 70 (can change in the future)

We are a long lasting gaming community who have been swayed by ARK, and see great potential for an amazing gaming experience in the years to come. Thus we have decided to start a brand new server, where we and many others can build their fortunes on the ARK.

We have 20+ years experience with online games, going all the way back to the first MUD’s, and know what it takes to run a good server.

We are looking for casual RP’ers who want to build their Tribes in a sensical PVP environment. Griefers will be banned, but we do understand its a survival game, and sometimes the only thing you can do is to kill or be killed. We do however encourage people to communicate and make the PVP experience more dynamic. I.e. don’t just use power because you have it, it gets boring real quick

Our goal is to build a server with a thriving community of Tribes, cities and trade.

So what are you waiting for? The server is less than 24 hours old!

Join us today!

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