Jun 30

The admins just got themselves two brand new, top of the line, Alienware laptops. Can’t play Ark on anything less right, RIGHT!?

Alienware 15" 2015

7 Responses to “Alienware in da house!”

  1. Spacebug says:

    Installing ARK atm 🙂

  2. Third Eye says:

    We are about half a dozen enthusiastic role players looking for a server to call home. This server is on our list, but we have a few inquiries…

    – how active is the server at peak time?
    – we couldn’t find any forums, do you plan to make some, as they are a crucial communicative tool – especially with RP involved?
    – Is there a list of rules, and where can we find it?
    – How do you get in contact with the admins other than commenting on these blog posts?

    I’ll leave it at that for now. But I can promise you, should we end up on your server on a permanent basis, then we will bring a shed load of positive, creative energy – especially when it comes to RP and spreading it out to the rest of the server.

    På forhånd tak for svar 🙂

    • Zol says:

      Hey Third eye,
      as far the people that play it’s all a fun a friendly going now
      the server only needs a bit of population.. establishing a good stable comunity i joined this server for the RP also and it would be cool to have some new faces around that helps this server going.
      so i agree on a comunication method we need a forum :p
      – small player basis
      – no forum yet (would make all comunications easier)
      – server rules
      We are looking for casual RP’ers who want to build their Tribes in a sensical PVP environment. Griefers will be banned, but we do understand its a survival game, and sometimes the only thing you can do is to kill or be killed. We do however encourage people to communicate and make the PVP experience more dynamic. I.e. don’t just use power because you have it, it gets boring real quick

      Our goal is to build a server with a thriving community of Tribes, cities and trade.

      • Spacebug says:

        Hi guys,

        Glad to see you and yeah please stick around – this should be a pretty good place to call your ARK home. (mature people, RP, daily updated and server will remain up a long time forward). Especially the last point is one of the reasons we made this server ourselves – to avoid investing a lot of time on a server that would just go poof when the admin got tired of the game or couldnt find $ for the server hosting.

        We could do a forum np — I will make something simple soon, but ask of you guys to help keep it going. Rather want no forum than a dead forum 😉

        Rules – I suggest we go over this in the forum later on and together try make some ground rules (less is often better to avoid overcomplicating stuff).

        • Spacebug says:

          And after I hit around 300 hours of constant gameplay, I just took a little break to avoid burning out. This game is really great, but also know it is possible to get tired of a game to fast, so I trying to avoid that (and catch up on work lol).
          But I expect to be back and play soon (wondering if my dinos have died of hunger)

  3. Spacebug says:

    Ok guys, made login and forum now (just a simple one).. from here we can build things up slowly

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