• Vasq started the topic Valhalla now, and Valhalla Future (Welcome to the Forum!) in the forum Suggestions 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    People have been asking for a Forum, so here goes.

    Valhalla is a pretty new server, still building its populace, so we all have an opportunity to mold the kind of Server environment we want. Apart from RP / PVP / Hard Difficulty, everything else is pretty much out in the open. Also, considering the massive amount of new content coming to the world on an allmost daily basis, we need room to adjust.

    A few Ideas
    – We have been thinking about making a map, where Tribes can claim their lands, that they can defend. In an RP/PVP environment, it wont make much sense killing a another player in the wild, rather you would try and work with the dude to avoid getting killed. But on Tribal lands this might chance somewhat, since if you are on it, chances are you are up for no good 😉

    – Marketplace. Would be cool to have a place, in the forum, but also ingame, a place where we meet and bargain stuff. Maybe have a set time/date everyweek, somewhere on the map.

    Let us hear your thoughts and ideers.

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