Jun 20

Name: [DK/EN] Valhalla RP/PVP
Direct link: steam://connect/
Type: ARK Survival Server – RP / PVP
Slots: 70 (can change in the future)

We are a long lasting gaming community who have been swayed by ARK, and see great potential for an amazing gaming experience in the years to come. Thus we have decided to start a brand new server, where we and many others can build their fortunes on the ARK.

We have 20+ years experience with online games, going all the way back to the first MUD’s, and know what it takes to run a good server.

We are looking for casual RP’ers who want to build their Tribes in a sensical PVP environment. Griefers will be banned, but we do understand its a survival game, and sometimes the only thing you can do is to kill or be killed. We do however encourage people to communicate and make the PVP experience more dynamic. I.e. don’t just use power because you have it, it gets boring real quick

Our goal is to build a server with a thriving community of Tribes, cities and trade.

So what are you waiting for? The server is less than 24 hours old!

Join us today!

25 Responses to “ARK Survival Server – European ARK Evolved – RP / PVP”

  1. ARKFan says:

    I love your guys ARK server 😀 thanks for hosting it for us all to play on

  2. FlamingRebirth says:

    loving the server me and my wife both play it 1 question though how long does it take you guys to apply the updates to the server as it seems we cant connect until you do latest release is 183 cant connect until its updated 🙁

  3. FlamingRebirth says:

    did the server just die?

  4. FlamingRebirth says:

    needs to be updated to latest version again to 184.0 cant connect until then

  5. FlamingRebirth says:

    hey space can we have the server updated please some cant access it at the moment sorry to be a pain

  6. FlamingRebirth says:

    sweet thank you we have more players now i have 5 in my tribe 🙂

  7. FlamingRebirth says:

    hey space i know your busy with work and such Vasq told me yesterday hope to have you back soon and i have some nice pearls for you (free of course) and the server needs updating again sorry to bug you 🙁

  8. FlamingRebirth says:

    can we have a server update please

  9. FlamingRebirth says:

    thank you well i hope you guys start playing again soon

  10. FlamingRebirth says:

    cant login again cause of another update space (sorry) there must be a better way of me contacting you about this lol

    • Spacebug says:

      updating atm – also gave Nikmi access now (I know him from the past and he was also admin on another server of mine).. Means he can also update server when needed.
      But it is fine you make a comment, one of the fastest ways to get my attention 🙂

  11. FlamingRebirth says:

    oh so you know we are starting to get quite a few players now even some your friends with like s4ndal server is starting to really pick up

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